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Episodes release weekly on Friday.

This program will introduce our youth to many different skilled careers, from accounting to design and everything in between. We want to positively influence and challenge the youth to dream big, create realistic goals and, see endless possibilities in this industry. Join us as we journey with the students over the span of 24 weeks. 

Episode 1: From Entry Level to Exec

Episode 2: Get with the Program

Episode 3: The Truth About Legal

The students meet Dave Tichiaz, VP and General Manager of Vans Americas. On the call, Dave breaks down his journey as we climbed through the ranks to become an executive at one of the largest lifestyle companies on the planet. The students break up into groups to give their interpretation of a journey from Entry Level to Exec.

Dionte' kickstarts The Next Era Program by building some base-level understanding of what a brand is, along with identifying your own brand. The students get their headshots done and learn some professional development skills from Ms. J, and Kevin gives us a better understanding of the program. 

The group has the privilege of learning from Adrienne Logan, General Council for Vans. The legal world is very complex, however, it is arguably the first or second most important part of business. The students are surprised to find out that the legal world expands far beyond just criminal cases, it is actually carefully intertwined into the fabric of all things. 

Episode 4: Entrepreneur's View

Episode 5: Count It Up - Building a Budget, Making a Plan

Episode 6: HR - "We're Hiring"

Dionte' Johnson, Owner of Sole Classics, speaks on the common misconceptions about owning a business. The students learn the importance of creating a SWOT Analysis and begin working on a business plan.

The Next Era students continue to build their business plans for their business with their team. Before the teams present, they learn how to create a budget from Jessica Johnson of Accounting Solutions of Ohio.

Human Relations, or HR, is one area of business that can be very vague and often overwhelming. We know that they are responsible for the "paperwork", hiring, firing, and company culture. The students are able to learn a little more from the HR department from Jeremy Havlik of Vans.